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About The Omentum Project Blog

Why the omentum?

I am living without an omentum. I am an ovarian cancer survivor who experienced digestive issues post my cancer staging surgery.  After many months, an observant physical therapist, and a wonderful GI doctor figured out the issues can at least partially be attributed to the removal of my omentum (standard procedure with ovarian cancer since cancer cells have a propensity to "hide" there).

This has made me think that perhaps there are other cancer survivors also experiencing digestive issues stemming from the removal of their omentum. I have learned that there is very little known about the omentum, in general; the omentum is an under-studied organ.

The human body is amazing; redundancy is present to help ensure survival.  People live without an appendix, and without a spleen... and without an omentum.  The omentum is known to be part of the immune system and the lymphatic system, and may play a role in thermoregulation.  I am very interested in learning more about the omentum and perhaps helping myself and others in the process. Perhaps the omentum is under-appreciated.



I have selected the turtle; I have always loved turtles, and it turns out they have an omentum, too!  I like the symbolism of patience, progress over time, "slow & steady", etc.  And the liquid intersection: sea turtles swim in the ocean, and the omentum helps to process the abdominal fluids.  Thank you to Sandra Garlick for the beautiful logo, and her generous donation of her time and talent.


The Omentum Project advisory team has decided to use a logo with a stylized symbol.

The twisted ribbon oval has many symbolism aspects:

  • the oval is an "O", for "Omentum";

  • twisted ribbons, are often used for cancer awareness;

  • the black and white and silver-gray: the status of information known about the omentum  

       (e.g. some information clear, "black and white"; much still to be learned... "silver-gray";

  • the "silver-gray", a reminder of the saying "every cloud has a silver lining"


We have a Go-Fund-Me page set-up for "The Omentum Effect".


Click here to visit "Citizen Science for Ovarian Cancer, and learn more about my cancer experience.

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