Together We Can Learn About Living Without an Omentum

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Learn about the omentum, possible ramifications for living without an omentum, and some strategies that may help alleviate the symptoms experienced by some omentum-less individuals:

The Omentum   Dr. Anita Burock Stotts, Functional Medicine Practitioner

Overview of the Lymphatic System   S. Sanderson, Certified Lymphedema Specialist

My Story   Meg Wilkinson, Ovarian Cancer Survivor/Thriver/Advocate

Strategy #1: Eat Strategically    Carole Heaney, RN, MS, NBC-HWC

Strategy #2: Exercise Daily    Jillian Mertzlufft, Certified Personal Trainer

Strategy #3: Energize Lymph Flow   Sarah Avery, Dr. of Physical Therapy, Yoga Therapist


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Share your experience(s) with ushelp us build and share knowledge among the community of omentum-less individuals and the professionals contributing their time for The Omentum Project:

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Together We Can Learn About Living Without an Omentum!!

The mission of The Omentum Project is to improve the quality of life for cancer survivors living without an omentum through awareness, education, and informal research.


 Try one or more Strategies &

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Informal Research & Home Video Tips

Katie Amo, Videographer

Together We Can Learn About Living Without an Omentum!!

Additional Resources

  • The Pilates Body, Brooke Siler

  • Yoga Journal

  • Medical Therapeutic Yoga: Biopsychosocial Rehabilitation and Wellness Care, Ginger Garner

1. The Omentum

Dr. Anita Burock Stotts, Functional Medicine Practitioner

2. An Overview of the Lymphatic System

Sandra Sanderson, Certified Lymphedema Specialist

3. My Story

Meg Wilkinson, Ovarian Cancer Survivor/Thriver/Advocate

4. Strategy #1: Eat Strategically 

Carole Heaney, RN, MS, NBC-HWC

5. Strategy #2: Exercise Daily 

Jillian Mertzlufft, Certified Personal Trainer

6. Strategy #3: Energize Lymph Flow

Sarah Avery, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Professional Yoga Therapist

7. Informal Research & Home Video Tips

Katie Amo, Videographer

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