The Omentum

Understudied. Perhaps underappreciated?

Very few people are familiar with this organ. Many cancer survivors are living without an omentum.

 The omentum has been referred to as “the quirkiest” organ in your body.... 



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      ... Regarding the Biology of the Omentum
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Research is needed to learn more about the role of the omentum in digestive and lymphatic fluid processes to help cancer survivors without an omentum develop strategies to manage their long-term symptoms. Research projects might include, but need not be limited to,  rat/mice studies with two cohorts as described below:

Cohorts: one group with an omentum; a second group without an omentum
  • Do the two groups have the same ability to digest/process: fat? fiber? salt?

  • Document fluid retention differences between the two cohorts

  • Are there differences in respiration/metabolism between the two cohorts?

  • Does removal of the omentum change the gut microbiome?

  • Does the omentum-less cohort:

    • develop abdominal lymphedema?

    • experience edema in the peritoneal cavity (ascites)?

    • experience adipose tissue deposition in the abdominal cavity?

Video Series
Learn about the omentum, possible ramifications of living without an omentum, and some strategies that may help alleviate the symptoms experienced by some omentum-less cancer survivors.
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