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The Omentum

Many cancer survivors are living without an omentum, but very few people are familiar with this organ. Moreover, there is very little medical information about the omentum.

Eat Popcorn for Science!

Some ovarian cancer survivors report noticing various symptoms after consuming a salty meal. The Omentum Project is conducting an IRB-approved, online survey, “Processing Salty Food with/without an Omentum.” The survey includes a “citizen science” project component, which asks participants to consume a specific salty-food item and report on specific symptoms they experience after consumption.


The Omentum Project needs 400 women to meet our goal to determine if there is a statistically significant difference between individuals with or without an omentum. The scientific process takes time. Knowledge builds gradually, iteratively, and collaboratively. Participate to empower cancer survivors living without an omentum!

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