The Omentum

Understudied. Perhaps underappreciated?

Very few people are familiar with this organ. Many cancer survivors are living without an omentum.

 The omentum has been referred to as “the quirkiest” organ in your body.... 



Are you a cancer survivor living without an omentum?
Together we can learn more about living without an omentum: please complete this short survey:
Answers Needed ...
      ..... What is the role of the omentum processing salt?
We ae designing a citizen science project....
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 Question: Does living without an omentum affect the body's ability to process salt? Both individuals with an omentum; and individuals without an omentum will be needed for the success of the informal citizen science project.... Stay tuned...

Video Series
Learn about the omentum, possible ramifications of living without an omentum, and some strategies that may help alleviate the symptoms experienced by some omentum-less cancer survivors.
Blog Posts
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