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The Omentum Project is pleased to announce our online video series, “Learn. Try. Share.”

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Together We Can Learn about Living without an Omentum…

If you had an omentectomy, are curious to learn (more) about the function of the omentum, and perhaps most importantly, want to learn about the potential ramifications of living without an omentum, you have come to the right place.

As members of the Advisory Team for The Omentum Project, several of us are living without an omentum or know someone – a patient, client, or friend – who is also living without an omentum. We want to share what we know and because living without it is an ongoing challenge, we want to build upon what we know.

Here's how you can learn, try things that can help you manage challenges, and add to our collective knowledge of living without an omentum.

  • Learn: Watch the video series;

  • Complete the “Learn. Try. Share.” survey;

  • Try some of the suggested strategies listed in the survey;

  • Share your experience with The Omentum Project community via a home video journal or email. We will review submissions and share summary results. Note: no personal information will be included in the summarized information; video clips will only be shared if permission is granted by the submitter;

  • Together We Can Learn about Living Without an Omentum!

By learning together, we can gain momentum and learn about living without an omentum. Thank you for participating in our effort.


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