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Learn About the Omentum

The Omentum? Several medical professionals I have met over the years are not familiar with this organ. Dr. Anita Burock Stotts was no exception; she mentioned that the omentum was covered briefly in medical school, but, it had not come up during her medical career.

Dr. Anita Burock Stotts is a functional medicine practitioner certified by the Institute for Functional Medicine, board-certified internist, and founder of Healthy Endeavors Medicine. Prior to her functional medicine career, she worked in conventional medicine settings as a primary care physician and a hospitalist.

Dr. Burock Stotts read and “digested” numerous publications to present information about the omentum in a user-friendly presentation, covering the structure of this organ and the many functions including its role in the immune system, and its role processing fluids.

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