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Discovery Year: Building a network of cancer survivors living without an omentum

A collaborative partnership between cancer survivors living without an omentum, and an engaged advisory team.

Free Workshop:  "Together We Can Learn About Living Without an Omentum"         

NOTE: The workshop has changed to a webinar format due to the COVID-19 Pandemic 


Who:          Cancer Survivors Living Without an Omentum

What:         An Educational Workshop, offered via an online webinar

When:        Saturday May 30, 2020; 10:00 to 3:00
Where:      Online Webinar

Cost:           Free

RSVP:         Space is limited

Questions:  Email Meg at


The Omentum:

It has been referred to as “the quirkiest” organ in your body; it is regularly called “an apron of fat” and also known as “the policeman of the abdomen”; it is part of the immune system, the lymphatic system, and may play a role in thermoregulation.


The omentum is removed in ovarian cancer staging surgeries, as standard protocol, since cancer cells are often “hidden” in the omentum. It is also removed in certain cases during uterine (endometrial) cancer surgery, appendix cancer, and colon cancer surgery.


Are some cancer survivors experiencing unrecognized symptoms related to the removal of their omentum?

Free, One-day Workshop:

Empower cancer survivors living without an omentum with educational information to potentially improve their quality of life. Participating cancer survivors will learn about the omentum and the lymphatic system. 

Workshop GOALs: 

  • To provide educational information about the omentum and the lymphatic system

  • To meet other cancer survivors living without an omentum 

  • To raise awareness of this under-studied organ

Thank You to The Omentum Project Supporters
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